Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North - August 18, 2014

Date:  August 18, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Cy Despain

Dear Paper Salesmen,

I got a letter from Grandma Mary a few days ago. Sad to hear about Robin Williams.

We will be finishing our bike week this week and we had a very interesting time a couple nights ago! We were walking around after an appointment pretty far from our apartment, thinking about calling someone to get us. We came upon an older gentleman fishing with his son and son's friend in a pond in the neighborhood. He invited us over to talk and to eat the fish with him after. We discussed gospel doctrine with him for the next thirty minutes then he took us home with him as the conversation continued. His name is Michael Folton and at the home was his wife Dene, three girls who I think one of was his daughter and the two boys that were fishing. He had a lot of questions, we didn't eat the fish then unfortunately, but Dene made fabulous burgers and mac'n'cheese. She got impatient with the gospel discussion holding up dinner! I showed some card tricks to the girls and after about an hour and a half he took us home. This was the first time on my mission something quite like this had happened, I had thought it was a myth. He was kind, interested and engaged in what we said and it was a great experience all around.

A found a Straw-Angel a while back, the story about it is recorded on the camera, though I wish I had had the camera with me at the time.

We should be getting the car back soon, and with it we want to go to Batesville and contact some other far-away referrals.

Elder Despain has a rat trap that he used on a lighter this morning. He didn't get the explosion he wanted though, just a loud puff.

-Elder North

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