Monday, September 29, 2014

Surprise letter from Elder North

Date:  September 29, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Despain

Dear What Pumpkins,

By the flowing magical grace of Elder Despain he has seen fit to grant me an added moment to deliver unto you a more proper epistle.

We have just had a FABULOUS lesson with Rachel, our Catholic investigator. She is learning and praying earnestly to overcome her doubts, fears and questions. We help as best we can but are confident the lord will see her through the darkness.

Our other main investigator, a young lady named Brooke, just went to church in Florida and we will be seeing her tomorrow. I think I may have already mentioned her baptismal date being on my birthday.

We went to the Elder Zwick meeting where they announced the iPads and I saw the Orey's again! I'm sure you already know about it since she no doubt sent you all the pictures. Elder Zwick told on President Wakolo to the mission about his speeding, which was hilarious.

I mentioned we did a lot of walking this week and boy is that the case. Going home one night Elder Despain also decided we should try a short cut. Almost nine o clock, it was dark out and we went tromping through a trail through the trees. It turned out well, so no harm no foul I suppose.

We did not end up doing the dinner thing on campus, which was kind of a bummer. It seemed like a cool opportunity. We ended up meeting with Rachel at that time instead. So no loss.

One of the best parts was a lesson with a less active woman. Visiting with her and we feel she's warming up considerably! She came to church this week and had her baby blessed. The baby's name is Serenity and she's darling.

It's been an exhausting week.

-Elder North

Letter home from Elder North

Date:  September 29, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Despain

Dear Pumpkins,

We walked a lot this week.

Not given time to email this week. Apologies. Thanks for the mail, Grandma Mary and Ken and Amy.

-Elder North

Shortest letter yet!  :)  O well at least he took the time to send something.  His birthday is on October 11th so it would be wonderful if you could write him.  Happy that I got some pictures from the Orey's this week!

Elder Bryen North
801 Frontage Rd. #915
Oxford, Mississippi 38655

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  September 21, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Despain

Dear Party People,

Happy Birthday to Grandma Nielsen! We all love and admire you!

We had a very interesting development this week. A couple of girls came to church, turned out they were investigators! Successfully fooling Elder Despain and I, as they walked with confidence through the building. We have began teaching them to find they have both heard the first lesson already via phone Sister Missionaries, and already have a baptismal date for my birthday, the 11th of October! Fast times in the Oxford Life.

On Tuesday we may be attending a dinner to share our beliefs on Campus, That'll be cool.

We have a few dates but will be needing to focus on finding in the coming weeks I feel. We're more staying afloat then flying in terms of our investigator pool. Still, if things continue as they have, we're sure to have a fine transfer.

I got Grandpa North's package! Thanks for the treats. I suppose I'm to attempt learning how to use the harmonica now?

I'll probably make some videos.

-Elder North

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  September 15, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Despain

Dear Gummies,

First and foremost, Mikel.  You are a champion and have a fantastic Senior Picture!  Keep up the good work.

We do not buy school pictures since I take my kids pictures.  That and Mikel is of the opinion that when someone is scanning the yearbook they should do double take when they pass his picture.  He messed up his hair and made as goofy face as he could get away with.  

This has been a productive and long feeling week.  We had CJ and Rachel to church!  That was excellent.  It will be the highlight of next week catching up with them on their experience.  We had delicious soup with the Andrew family last night as well.

Speaking of food. The past couple of months I have been eating at a Thai food place, it is great.  I always get a five on the spiciness and its delicious.  I remember when I was foolishly against spicy food.  Hilarious.  As for exotic things, we don't get served much of those, but they do have a special brand of chips here in the south called Zapps.  They have a number of Southern Flavors like, honey mustard, sweet creole onion, vooodoo, spicy cajun crawtators, and cajun dill gatertators.

Cool experience from last night, we were touching base at our apartment and suddenly Edler Despain decides we ought to head to the church.  We did need something printed off by the ward leader but when we got there, no one was available to do that.  Then our investigator Gooch texted us asking when church was.  Church had already happened and ended a few hours ago, but it just so happened that a CES devotional was going down in half an hour!  So we invited him to that and he showed up and we watched it with him.  Outta the blue!  It was great and he enjoyed it.

The CES devotional was very nice and I recommend it, it was given by D. Todd Christofferson.

- Elder North

Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter home from Elder North

Date:  September 8, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Despain

Dear Grapes,

No call this morning, so I am staying in Oxford for the time being! Another six weeks with the all powerful Elder Despain! It's been interesting.
We started teaching a Catholic girl who saw the Book of Mormon Musical. Combined with previous hearsay about the church she wants to look into it and is the most studious investigator I've ever seen. She does her reading assignments and more and I hope this trend continues.

We had CJ over to the ward BBQ and he was able to meet some members and do a church tour. He seemed very thoughtful after.

The new GPS sent to me works great and I'm very grateful. Elder Despain was over the moon when it arrived, glad we could use a new one since his is failing.

Just a thought about the Book of Mormon:  Nephi being called to specific action and later as a prophet may also indicate that Sam was not meant for that same calling. We are given few details about what Sam was occupied with throughout the Book of Mormon. Perhaps he cared for the grandchildren, or took care of Sariah?
Nephi is indeed the example, but Sam holds a valuable lesson in observing others. So long as we can see their hearts are in the right place and that they take up the good fight when necessary, we needn't judge them further.

Things are geared up for heavy traction in the coming six weeks, let us hope we can accomplish all the lord has required of us.

-Elder North

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Letter home from Elder North - September 1, 2014

Date:  September 1, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Despain

Dear Chairmen,

Congratulations on the talk Mikel, I recently had to speak in church as well. My topic was Prophets. I ended up going over time rambling on but everybody seemed to have liked it.

I did try grits back when I was in West Memphis, I did not find them very pleasant though. As for Handy Andy's, we almost went there today but being Labor day, it was closed.

Our most recent district meeting was held here in Oxford.

Last night was one of the best lessons of my mission. We met a man named CJ a few days ago on the bus. Just saw him briefly was all. Saturday we were walking about and saw him on Campus. We approached and spoke with him, explaining what we do and asking if we'd be able to visit him. We left him with a
pamphlet and set a time to see him at his apartment. At church we requested a member join us for the appointment and despite living 25 miles away, brother Webb volunteered. We went there with him and met with CJ and everything was great. We spoke about the Restoration and gave our invitations to pray, read, pray and come to church. Having brother Webb there was also excellent. He accepted and we should be having him at the ward BBQ Wednesday.

"Life is not enough just believing or just doing, a combination of this is necessary for becoming."
Everyone remember to do your best to become a disciple of Christ. This is his church, his restored gospel and his invitation.

-Elder North
Pictures are from August at a zone meeting.

Elder North is not much of a writer but he still enjoys hearing from everyone so if you find some time drop him a line.
Elder Bryen Nielsen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
801 Frontage Road, Apartment 915
Oxford, Mississippi 38655