Monday, March 30, 2015

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  March 30, 2015
Area:  Morrilton, Arkansas
Companion:  Elder Barker

Dear Buggy's,

We are taking on what will hopefully be our final week without the car. Hopefully it is done in time before one of us needs to be taken out of the area. 

Transfers are now approaching and this should determine my final area hopefully. If it is here in Morrilton, or elsewhere. So long as I don't get moved at the last second that is. We are excited and looking forward to Easter and Conference! Always an excellent combo so we have been handing out these cards with the Church's Easter Video linked on it! I encourage everybody to go check it out.

I managed to avoid any sickness this past period of cold weather. Elder Eatchel had a couple little bouts of sickness. 

This week really was exhausting. Thank you all for your prayers!

-Elder North

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  March 23, 2015
Area:  Morrilton, Arkasnsas
Companion:  Elder Barker

Dear Flippers,

Our car is smashed! We were driving down the road from a dinner appointment and hit a small deer. Elder Barker and I sustained no damage, the vehicle took it all. We're on foot for the foreseeable future now, likely to the end of the transfer. It's not so bad though since Morrilton is relatively small, we're very close to the Church building and people are willing to give us rides here and there. I'll send the pictures that Elder Barker took.

We have met a large number of people because of not being in a car and I'm certainly getting a good degree of exercise daily! Tonight we will be doing family home evening with the Gates again tonight. It was pretty great last week so I'm looking forward to it. This week we will have a District Meeting in Danville.

Two cool things this week was a less active and long time investigator who both had concerns seemed to suddenly have overcome them on their own and came to Church. We can't really pin down what was said or done that did it but simply our contact provided the means for the spirit to work.

The coming week will be another walk week, the car is estimated to be repaired by the end of this week if they got the parts today. Wish us Joy!

-Elder North

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  March 17, 2015
Area:  Morrilton, Arkansas
Companion:  Elder Barker

Dear Paps,

Elder Barker says Hello.
Things have been interesting here on the Arkansas side. Things are much more, the same than I thought they'd be? My real expectations were not too wild but I suppose it's that missionary work has a lot of same factors wherever you're placed. I believe you are now in touch with Sister Gates. She's great and gave a talk this Sunday about following the first great commandment.

This week was our week without the car and it's been rather fruitful. A decent number of people have let us in to speak with them and share what we know. We're hoping they will let us return and come to church as well. Raking up a large amount of potential investigators.

Yesterday we had a great experience with Sister Gates, sharing Family Home Evening with them and Brother Stover. Brother Stover is an older gentleman who helps us missionaries a great deal. He converted to the church about 9 years ago and is a strong member. He also made us a great cabbage and sausage stew to eat. The day before I shared some of my Siracha with Logan at the after-chuch potluck, since he said he likes hot sauces.

We will be getting a vehicle tomorrow, so that's nice. My respect goes to those missionaries who walk or ride bikes anywhere they go. They're areas are often smaller but they would still be doing a lot of moving that I'm not quite accustomed to.

Everybody keep up your prayers and best of luck to Caice!

-Elder North

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letter Home from Elder Bryen North

Date:  March 9, 2015
Companion:  Elder Barker
Area:  Morrilton, Arkansas 

Dear Meatshields,

Exciting to see so many plans solidifying, new developments each week. Congratulations to Mikel, going to serve in South Africa, where Flintheart Glomgold is from.
Here we have an interesting variety of investigators! We met a guy my age, Jarrot, who despite his youth has had numerous near death experiences. Anna is a long time investigator who needs messy marriage papers handled before she can be baptized. Austin is also a long time investigator who has been consistently coming to church and gets himself to Stake meetings and institute.

Personal news, I was asked to give a brief testimony in Sacrament early last week to introduce me to the ward. Some people ended up not being able to speak so it got upgrade to a 15-18 minute talk! You can ask Sister Gates about it.

Elder Barker is a stalwart companion who I appreciate very much for his diligence. It's possible (though unlikely) that he is my companion for the rest of my mission. Slightly more likely is that I stay in Morrilton for the rest of my mission! That or it's my second to last area.

-Elder North

Elder North's new address is:
Elder Bryen North
102 Eastgate Dr. Apt. A
Morrilton, AR  72110

Monday, March 2, 2015

Letter home from Elder North

Date:  March 2, 2015
Area:  Morrilton, Arkansas
Companion:  Elder Barker

Dear loved ones,

I have never been more grateful than I am right now for the restored gospel. The airtight security that it gives when combined with a faith in Christ is the most marvelous thing on this Earth. My best wishes to the Johnson family. 

My new area is fine and I have a wonderful and diligent new companion who has been more than helpful in showing me around. We have long time investigators already and I hope we will be able to share with them what they need to be baptized. 

I think of what's happened and dread anyone having to cope without the certainty I have in the gospel.

-Elder North

Elder North is talking about the tragic news that he received about our dear friends 13 year old son passing away.  Elder North's new area seem to be taking good care of him and I am thankful for several ward members who have friended me on facebook and given me updates and info on my boy.  I will have to send out his address as soon as I get it.  I forgot to ask so I have someone working on getting that for me.  Thank you for your love and support.