Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 - Elder Bryen North's Letter Home

Christmas Eve at the T****
Date:  December 30, 2013
Area:  West Memphis
Companion:  Elder Morgan (at least for another day that is.)

Dear New Year Party Goers,
Looking forward to another year? This begins what will be my full year of Missionary Service! Twelve consecutive months of work all bearing the mark of 2014. I may never have another one like it! It's rather exciting. I boggles me that I've been out almost half a year now as it is. This time next year I'll be over the hump and getting ready to leave. 

I hope all of you have something planned that you can use to commemorate this year as well! Often they take the form of quickly abandoned 'New Years Resolutions'. Select something to work on, to build and do it so you can look back and say, 'that was the year I learned piano/spent more time with the family/mastered Duck Hunt'.
Christmas party at the church
O**** Family kids

The Gospel is one all about continually progression and moving forward, because standing still is counter-productive!
Christmas was a fine occasion. We spent Christmas Eve with the T****, who we had not seen in a terrible long while. I am so glad we got to visit again before Elder Morgan left. Christmas day was great and I was able to call home via Skype. Looks like everybody is doing well.

I'll be getting a new companion and we'll be set for new experiences. See you all soon!
-Elder North
Two thumbs up!

Lunch with other missionaries

Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013 - Letter Home from Elder Bryen North

Date:  December 23, 2013
Location:  West Memphis, Arkansas
Companion:  Elder Morgan

Dear Christmas Elves,

I have received one package form home containing gifts and the previous one from earlier this month from the ward.  I also got a card form my favorite Great Grandma!  I appreciate it immensely, seeing that she signed it even!  Give her all the love from me.  All of it.  I also received a card from Grandma Pam and Grandpa Geoff.  I got e-mails from my little sisters!  Thank you all so very much!

One of his packages didn't get delivered.  I called on it today and it sounds like it is suppose to be delivered sometime today.  It was the less important one at least.  

We went to Christmas Zone Conference and watched Ephraim's Rescue (very good, if you have yet to see it, I recommend it).  Zone Conference are when the Mission President and Assistants speak to us on things and they're fun and great learning experiences.

The next day we did service running toys for Toys for Tots.  That was excellent.

Truly those two things seemed to dominate the week.  It felt pretty short.  We saw the Anderson's last night and she built homemade peppermint patties!  You use mashed potatoes to make them.  I suggest you try it.

Merry Christmas to all and remember the words of President Monson.  "Giving, not getting" is whee true joy is found.  Toys are fun and gifts are great, but that's not why we celebrate.  The season here is meant for those near to receive your love for them, loud and clear.

- Elder North

I got a call from a ward member on Saturday evening saying, not sure if you have heard about the weather here but wanted you to know your missionary is fine.  I hadn't hear but apparently they were having some severe weather.  I got to hear Bryen laugh in the background which is always cool.  I have attached the article if your interested in reading it.

We get to talk to Bryen on Skype for Christmas so we are really excited about seeing and talking to him.  It will be a crazy busy day with opening gifts with the kids at home, then talking to our three missionaries, and then having everyone over for Christmas dinner.  We are excited about it all.

Didn't get any pictures of him this week from anyone, so hopefully we will get some from Christmas from someone.  :)

Thank you for your love and support of Elder Bryen North.

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
606 Rainer #10
West Memphis, AR 72301

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 - Letter Home

Elder's Morgan, Mourino, Talbert and North
Date:  December 16, 2013
Area:  West Memphis
Companion:  Elder Morgan

Dear Devout Disciples of Deven (May his hair grow even longer),

Not sure what is up with that greeting.  Deven's hair is getting a little long but nothing like it was several years ago for Les Mis.  

This week felt extremely long.  I believe because we did not have church due to the ice last Sunday. I think my brain segments weeks based on church attendance, so not having church smashed two weeks together.  We had some surprise people to church this week though.  Sister and Brother T*** gave taks!  Brother Teeter says he heard that dad got a Ham Raido license and wants to know if it is 20 meter.  I thought it was Kenn who got his license though?

Actually Jed, Tony, and Kenn all got theirs recently.  Jed's raido is 2-meter.

We attended a children's community play that M**** D**** was in, along with some people from the Branch.  Sister W*** was the director.  We will be Skyping form her house on Christmas.  I'll give you a quick call when I'm ready or know when I will be ready so you can be prepared and make sure I am not overlapping with Amber and Jered.

Elder Morgan returns home on the thirty first.  So I will be getting another companion on the 1st of January. I was afraid when I first met him because he seemed sort of checked out, but it's just his personality.  He has zero aversion to work and we continue to do what we can.  His casual commitment might seem bad at first, but really it's just that being a missionary is now his nature.  It's not an active effort to keep himself in check, he just is, so he seems a lot more relaxed.  When we find ourselves with a dropped appointment he pretty much always has an idea or two of what we can do to accomplish something or someone to see.

No, there isn't a Christmas Tree in our apartment.  I put my package from the ward under my desk.  There it shall wait till Christmas despite Elder Morgan telling me to just open it.

- Elder North

Elder North With J****
Ugly tie contest with the West Memphis Elders
Date: December 9, 2013
Companion:  Elder Morgan
Area:  West Memphis Arkansas

Dear All The People,

Congratulations to Jered on his talk!  I know he dislikes being put on the spot for a lot of things.  I remember going to the hot chocolate thing form last year and I do recall that Jered wasn't there...I also do not remember why though.  Sounds like the farewell was delicious and fun time for all!  Everyone look ahead, because a lot of the same menu items should be turning up again when I get back.  (Hinthintnudgenudge)

Jered, Elder Bryen North's brother who is a year younger than him to the day will get set apart as a missionary in a few hours and leave for Guatemala tomorrow.  Guess the meatballs sounded good to him that he is having to hint at them already.  HEHEHE

Best of luck to Sierra Samowitz on her mission!  Use your time to prepare well, both as preparation and as doing things you will be giving up for a short time.  If there is anything I know for sure it is the fact that it is indeed a SHORT TIME.  Already I've been here half a year and I've only just arrived.  Soon I'll feel departure near (and likely try to hide).  For leaving the mission's no easy thing, any RM will tell.  You meet and love the people here and hate to give farewells.

Sierra is a friend who got her call to Japan and leaves April 14th.

Joe is a cute kid, we have fun together.

Joe is a members kid.  His mom who I am not friends with on Facebook related this story to me.  She said her boy Joe really likes Elder North and that they even look alike with both wearing glasses.  She said Joe is very finicky about food, so now when we (and his Primary teachers) want him to try something, we tell him, "Really?  Well, Elder North really like it and thought you would too."  They went to this members house for Thanksgiving and had an ugly tie contest, Bryen didn't win.  Guess we need to send him ugly ties for Christmas.  HAHA  On Thanksgiving Elder North had everyone captive trying to solve the riddle of how the circus midget killed himself.  He also had sweet potatoes for the first time that he remembered.  He thought they were carrots.  Well Jed and I don't like sweet potatoes so he doesn't get them from us but Grandma North always makes them.  He must have never ventured there.  :)

You can thank Brother Eric Jones for the pictures and his wife for arranging them.  Speaking of thanks, thanks once again to Grandma Mary for her postcard.  I now feel the pain of sending something and then not being sure if it arrived.  I will try much, much harder to acknowledge mail I receive.  Thank you Jarin and Bethany for the letter about your trip!

See you all soon, Don't stop Belivin'
- Elder North

Elder North would love to hear from you so don't hesitate to write!
Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission

606 Rainer #10
West Memphis missionaries.  Elder Overson, Morgan, Talbert, and North
West Memphis, AR 72301

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013 - Letter Home

Date:  December 2, 2013
Companion:  Elder Morgan
Area:  West Memphis

Dear Turkeys,

Happy Thanksgiving, looking forward to the holidays.  Holidays are a tad rough on Missionary work, as it's hardly an opportune time for two young fellows to be taken in for a lesson.  Better weather though, that's for sure!

It is funny to hear him say better weather, since his sister in Chicago is freezing and isn't finding it better at all.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with the O**** family.

Soccer seems to be going very well.  Is anyone participating in any theatrical events?

I would like to thank Grandma Mary for her letter and previous letters.  She has sent a lot!  I will soon have enough fish paper to decorate a full wall.

The biggest thing we have going now I would say is C****.  He has a new baptismal date and is reading the Book of Mormon for a thirty day challenge.  Hopefully he continues to follow through and will gain that witness.  We are also working with M****, a 10 year old who wants to be baptized and we will be giving her the lessons.

If it has not arrived yet, there will soon be arriving a mailing envelope with some pictures and name tag.  Just in time for Jered to take it with him.  Hopefully the tag didn't break or anything.

Jered is leaving on December 10th for his mission in Guatemala.  The North boys have all shared a name tag for part of their mission starting with their Uncles Kenn and Karl, then Deven, Bryen, and now Jered.  They each put a sticker on the back.  Jered can wear the name tag on the flight there but then will be issued a Spanish one.  Below are a few of the pictures sent home.

- Elder North

Typical Bubba faces!

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 - Letter Home

Elder North and Elder Morgan
Date - November 25, 2013
Companion - Elder Morgan
Area - West Memphis

Dearest Mudda, Dearest Fadda, (And everybody else)

I have my new Companion Elder Morgan!  He is from Boise, Idaho.  He was follow-up trained by Elder Anderson.  He's solid, to be sure.  We get along fine.  We have six baptismal dates right now.  Four for the seventh and two for the twenty-eight.  I'm expected to keep things going well here, otherwise Elder Anderson has vowed to destroy me.

I received a letter from home and from Ken and Amy this week.  Thank you all very much!  I will be sending a package home very soon containing some things for Mother to scrapbook and the legacy name tag for Jered to take with him to Guatemala.    Hmmm..I should get a spare tag for me and Amber should get one and we should switch.

When I was in the trio I slept on the floor because the couch is too small and ya can't stretch out.  Terrible! It was good though, taught a very cool woman, S****.

Elder North, Oveson, Morgan, and Talbert - West Memphis Missionaries

When we teach discussions it is very much like how Deven taught you all with Jered.  We trade off, use pamphlets to help keep attention and on track.  I do not have the first vision memorized just yet.  Very close though.

We had his brother who returned home in May and his brother that is leaving in December teach Family Home Evening last week and give us the first discussion.

I haven't gotten comments on my suit.  My clothes are doing great.  The weather isn't that cold.  I'm doing fine.  For a while I didn't even have my rain jacket.  I forgot it at the Wall's home, but they got it back to me.

The inside lining of his suit is quite grovey so I was wondering if anyone had commented on it.

No one is feeding us for Thanksgiving.

Not true, I heard today he will be going over to the O**** families mom's house.  They will be having an ugly tie contest that day!  I got some pictures today from Sister O****.  I figured if Elder North is not going to send me any I must become friends with the locals.  :)  A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

Elder Morgan got a fabulous package his first day here.  His mother sent him a massive bag of 100% Whey from costco.  He makes protein shakes that taste like chocolate milk.  Fantastic and kind of funny.  Elder Talbert gave me a briefcase as well.  I plan on using it well.  It's shiny and amusing.  I'm excited for Jered and hope he prepares well.  My advice would be to read preach my gospel.  It's good and expected.

- Elder North

Eating at the O*** Family's
Elder Talbert

Please send mail to:
Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
606 Rainer #10
West Memphis, AR 72301

You can also check out his blog at

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Surprise pictures are wonderful!

Date - November 19, 2013
Companion - In a Trio with Elder Talber and Overson until new companion is assigned this week.
Area - West Memphis

Sister Longshore took this picture of Elder Overson, North, and Talber as they went to her house to drop off Elder North's companion Elder Anderson as he is going home.

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013 - Letter Home

Date - November 18, 2013
Companion - In a Trio with Elder Talber and Overson until new companion is assigned this week.
Area - West Memphis

Dear Ya'll,

Elder Anderson is out the door and Elder North is in for a lot more responsibility down here!  It's going to be tougher and I hope I am ready.  For a couple days I will be with the Marion Elders until I receive my new companion.

Not sure what he means by more responsibility but I am guessing it is because he will be the one that knows the area.  Guess we will find out next week!

Companionship inventories are part of the Weekly Planning Process, as such, they happen each week.

As for changes to the mission, they are cutting back on zones in order to free up experienced Missionaries to act as Trainers.  I will need a professional bag by the start of the next year.  In addition, the use of iPads is upcoming in the New Year as well.

When Bryen went out they were still having the missionaries use backpacks but that has changed and they want them to look more professional and less like college kids so they want them to have messenger bags instead.

Something funny from the transfer,
Elder North is pumping up his bike tire and says, "Elder Anderson, is this pump made of iron?"  Elder Anderson says, "I don't know, why?"  Elder North.. "Because that would mean I'm pumping iron."

Not much time this week since I am e-mailing from Bartlett.  Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

- Elder North

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Homebase,

This will be my final P-day with my companion Elder Anderson.  He returns home before next Monday.  It's been a solid time with him.  He's a scriptural master with a strong testimony of the work and of the church and set a fantastic example for me.  He doesn't want to go home.  He leaves before transfers.  I will be with Elder Talbert and Elder Oveson for a few days until I get my new companion.  Taking over the area, wish me luck.

I believe transfers are not until the 20th.  

Aw yeah!  Good on Mikel!  Keep the improv strong.  Wasn't until my mission I realized how much church and some school activities help prepare people for missions and life.  The church especially, with giving people talks and callings even in youth really prepares kids and gives them experience for a lot of things.

I love the CD player and speaker.  Elder Anderson loves using the speaker with his iPod.  He has the whole History of the Church on his iPod, it is very cool.

Everything else is going alright.  An investigator given to us by Sister Crickmore who seems so great may have dropped off the map.  On the other hand she may have just been busy.  We'll find out soon if she does not went to speak with us.  Hopefully nothing went wrong.  C*** will be getting baptized this week though. There was a fluke earlier but now it appears he will for sure.  Fingers and arms crossed.

When they talk about dropping someone that is because they do not want to waste their time nor the people they are trying to teach.  So if someone isn't following through with reading and learning or keeps breaking appointments or things like that they use the term drop meaning they will go their own ways.  A lot of the time people will decide they don't want to know anymore but instead of telling them missionaries that they just stop showing up or dodge their calls.  The missionaries want to give people the benefit of the doubt, knowing everyone is busy so they keep trying to call or stop by for awhile.  

When I was on an exchange with Elder Minnick we met a man at his door who lived with Investigators Elder Minnick had a return appointment for.  He spoke to us with genuine but misguided concern that being on a mission while eighteen or nineteen for two years was a waste of our precious prime time in life.  That we would be better off attending college or joining the workforce in order to benefit society the most.

I have learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that that idea is completely false.  There is no greater benefit for me or for society as a whole than for me to sere a full-time mission at this very moment.  Doing it later would be procrastination and not doing it at all would be devastating to all those I could have reached.  The message of the gospel is the greatest thing and believing and adhering to it is the easiest and best way to improve our lives.

I would never have know what I've missed if I hadn't come on my Mission.  The blessings, wisdom and majesty of Jesus Christ's Church are enormous and it is painful whenever someone rejects this glad message.  The love of God is the drive for everything from both parties and I cannot express how great my gratitude for recognizing that is.

One of the first things Elder Anderson taught me was the significance of baptism and how we as missionaries are meant to baptize people.  That step combined with the gift of the Holy Ghost is one of the most important things we can grant to allow greater conversion to occur.  Our Stake Conference here spoke a lot about acting as Missionaries and Saints in our respective areas.  Remember to keep strong and true to the faith and get the Good Word out there.

- Elder North

Elder North would love to hear from you.  So please drop him a note in the mail.  Missionaries love to get mail, it brightens their days to hear of things at home.  Also people are starting to ask about Christmas.  I am usually not a big proponent of gift cards but for Missionaries they are one of the best things.  You can get them for local places, it gives them a chance to go out to eat or get the things they need at the store.  Missionaries don't want to collect a lot of things because then they have to move them from each place when they transfer so gift cards work really well.  So places like Taco Bell, Wal Mart, Applebee's are all great.  Thank you for the love and support you give our family by supporting Bryen in whatever way you can.  

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
606 Rainer #10
West Memphis, AR 72301

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Characters of a Different Story,

Halloween isn't addressed formally by the mission, but it's pretty obviously a terrible night for missionary work.  We spent some time with the Wall's family, they had a casual party for the occasion.

Grandma Rita and Grandpa Terry!  Sincere salutations from Bishop and Sister Longshore!  Cue the "It's a Small World" music.

The lady who sent me the picture of Elder North this past week use to be in my Mother and Father-in-law's ward here in Utah.

I recall receiving a letter from Grandma Mary, I apologize when I fail to remember.  I suppose I should bring them with me when I e-mail to remind me.

The most surprising thing about serving a mission I have found is.  I always assumed that people simply were not aware that smoking and drinking were actual sins, and only knew it was unhealthy but just kept the habit. Seems like most everyone kind of feels that it is wrong because when they recognize us as 'church people' they tuck away their cigarettes and drink and act guilty.

We live in an apartment next to a field.  The area is mostly suburban.  We shop at Wal-Mart and try to use coupons.

Elder Anderson goes home on like the 18th so this will be my last transfer with him.

Little choked for time but I appreciate the ridiculously excessive amount of time you all take to write me or read my mail home.

That is his way of saying he LOVES us too!

- Elder North

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Surprise call and picture!

Yesterday on November 1, 2013

received a call from Sister L***** in Memphis.  Elder North had gone on exchanges with an Elder there and those Elders live with the L****'s.  She was very nice and called me to let me know he looks good and stuff.  I told her don't hesitate to send a picture because he isn't very good at that.  :)  She snapped one and texted it to me.  Sooo wonderful.  He does look good!  I am so thankful for members that take the time to call and share something about my missionary or send a picture through e-mail or text.  I know my kids are fine and I am so thankful they are serving missions but we parents still miss them and it is nice to get that connection once and awhile.

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Recipients,

The branch here is practicing for the primary program as well.  The Branch Presidency said it is the most attended thing the branch does all year.

I let him know that for Primary we are spending the two hours together and working on the Primary Program which will be on November 10th.

In answer to questions about the car and how that works.  The car is handed off to different companionship's in a car share.  Sometimes there are multiple cars in the car share.  For example, four pairs of missionaries may have three cars.  Thus, three of four weeks a companionship will have a car, and one bike week.

As for tracting, it is non-existent.  We do what they call a Spiritual Harvest, where we approach doors only if we feel prompted to or decide to approach and ask if we can leave a prayer with the Savior's peace and blessing on a home.  I have not done much Harvesting though.  We try hard to avoid that and find people thorough members.  Investigators and less active members that come through personal connections are more receptive.

We are expected to exercise the half hour after we wake up.  I'm not the best at keeping up on it, but when I do I just do simple things.  Sit ups, push-ups, we have a pull-up bar (which I don't use).

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday about the importance of preaching the gospel and that one should not procrastinate a mission if you are able to serve one.

Thank you all for your love and remember to have the pure love of Christ.  Not only to others but have A pure love of CHRIST, loving Him above all else.

- Elder North

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Interested Individuals,

Congratulations to those having just received your mission calls!  I wish all of you luck and blessings as you prepare then serve.

We had two people we know get their calls this week and one a little bit ago that I forgot to tell him about.
Whitney Ingram is going to San Fernando California - January 1st
Rowan Bronson is going to South Carolina, Columbia - February 5th
Brandon Evans is going to North Carolina, Raleigh - December 18th

Keep strong Zane!

Zane is the youngest North kiddo and he had his tonsils and adenoids out this week.  He has done really well with this surgery and is well on his way to feeling his best again.

Things are going alright here.  Some people had to be dropped or pushed back.  We shall see what happens there.  We have recently met a man named C**** who came to church.  He was great and is on track to getting baptized.

As the interest in what I eat is ever present, the best meal this week was at The A*****
's.  Homemade tacos which they like to add some ranch too.  I tried it and it was good.

I try to think of questions to add to his letters to get more information but sometimes it tends to be the same questions.  OOPS

We see the other two missionaries often, as the people in the branch found no trouble inviting four as opposed to two young men over to eat.  Elder Anderson and I are very grateful.  Actually went on exchanges this past week with Elder Overson.  It went well.  Exchanges are a 24 hour long switch of companions.

Two more missionaries making four total are now in charge of the West Memphis Branch.  So I was wondering how much they see them.  That is good of the branch members to be willing to feed four young men!

As for waking up, I find no trouble in waking at 6:30.  Staying alert and fully awake the rest of the day is a different story, but in regards to solely the action of waking and rising from bed, I have no trouble with it.

Continue to pray and be specific!  Specific prayers bring specific blessings.

- Elder North

A member that lives in Arkansas said that the missionaries their typically gain about 40 pounds on their missions.  I asked Bryen if he has gained any weight and he said that he has actually lost about 20 pounds.  E

Elder North is not always great with letting us know who is writing him but I know he appreciates hearing from people.  If your interested in writing him you can do so at...

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
606 Rainer #10
West Memphis, AR 72301

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Desert Dwellers,
Happy 19th Birthday Elder North

Birthday was fine.

Thanks for all the info son.  I did receive a surprise text from Sister T*** this week.  She sent a couple of pictures.  She said that Elder Anderson took Bryen to a Mexican Restaurant for his birthday and they sang happy birthday to him and smeared whip cream all over his face.  When I asked Bryen about it he said it was funny.

Looks like someone made Elder North a cake too!

Thank you for taking are of my son!

We have two new Elders in our area.  Elder Talbert and Elder Oveson.  They are in Marion.

So that makes four Elders for one Branch.  There must be a lot of work for them to do.

I made the sausage biscuits this week using the recipe my mother gave me.  They turned out well.  I did not realize that the recipe was meant to feed two-hundred stripling warriors, so we had a lot and Elder Anderson told me some of it would keep in the fridge uncooked.  I did not seal it properly though and some of it went bad.

I purchased two hundred pizza rolls for ten dollars.
Look he is smiling in a picture!
Happy Birthday to my brother Jered.  I almost forgot it was his birthday three days ago.  He finally got to have a birthday on his own.  What did he do to celebrate?

Bryen and Jered are a year apart to the day.  So Jered's birthday is Bryen's birthday.  Hard to forget.  :) Jered celebrated by going to the Josh Groban concert with his brother Deven.

Did Dad do anything special for his birthday or was it just hunting?

Shhh Jed doesn't admit to having birthday's!  ;)

We are teaching a girl named L***** who had been coming to church for a few weeks and we finally were able to sit down for a lesson.  We will be trying to build back up our teaching pool since we dropped a good number of our investigators since they were not progressing in any way.

- Elder North

Although Elder North is not as good about letting us know who writes him I am sure it is still greatly appreciated.  When you write him you could put your e-mail because him might be more likely to reply to you that way.  Thanks for your love and support.

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
606 Rainer #10
West Memphis, AR 72301

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Fellows,

I'm sure talk of conference has been buzzing in and out all of your ears non-stop from all sides, so I'll keep my take and experience brief for the sake of eliminating being repetitive of other parties.

Conference=Excellent.  We watched it at the branch meeting house mostly, and saw second session at the T****'s house.  Three investigators came.

Ya think towards the end of his mission he will figure out that we don't care if things are repeated a bit we WANT to know his take on things???  Not sure if the investigators attended all of conference or where but that is nice they had some with them.

I will be spending a good deal of time here in West Memphis since Elder Anderson will be finishing here and then I will be taking the area from him most likely.  So that will be a quarter of my mission here at least. Time to get cozy and make some sausage biscuits.

Well don't get too cozy Elder North or they will move you for sure!  So he thinks he is staying so I am sending his birthday package to the address we have for him.  Things could always change it is all up to the Mission President.  It will be exciting to hear who his new companion is next Monday.  Last week he asked for the sausage biscuit recipe, he said he hasn't made them yet but wants to.  We had them on Sunday for breakfast.  Yummy!  Jed learned how to make them on one of our trips to Georgia.  Here is the recipe if anyone wants to try them.

4 cups self-rising flour (she used Gold Meadow brand)
2-3 cups buttermilk (she used Mayfield brand)
4 heaping teaspoons of Crisco
8 oz Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1 lb Sausage - "hot"
1 lb Sausage - "regular"
First, make the biscuit dough
Put flour in a large mixing bowl.  Add Crisco and "cut" the Crisco into the flour until there are no clumps of Crisco.  (Cut means to keep cutting the Crisco clumps with a spoon or fork until you can't see any more.  Takes about 5 minutes)
Add buttermilk to make the dough moist.  You are looking for a consistency of cookie dough.  It will stick to your hands, that's OK.  Do not over mix or kneed as this will make the dough more chewy.
Sprinkle more flour on a table to roll out the dough on.  Place the dough on the table and lightly mix in a few teaspoons of flour so it can be more easily rolled.  Roll into a rectangular/oval shape.  It should be about 1/4" thick.  You end up with a dough oval about 24 inches by 14 inches.
Use 2 1lb packages of sausage.  1 "hot" and 1 "regular".  They should be thawed.  Microwave them on "defrost" for 2 minutes to soften them up (not cook them).  It should be warm though so it is easier to spread.
Mix the sausage together and spread it onto the dough like icing on a cake.  Cover the entire dough except for about ½ inch all the way around.
Sprinkle on 8oz. of grated sharp cheddar cheese.
Cut the dough down the middle long-ways.
Roll each half section, starting from the long cut down the middle, like a cinnamon roll.  Then cut into 1" rolled sections.
Place on a cookie sheet (sprayed with Pam) about 1/2" inch apart.
Cook 10-15 minutes at 400 (until sausage is cooked and dough is turning a light brown - it will be crackling).
Let cool for 10 minutes and enjoy.  A little piece of Heaven direct from a Georgia kitchen.

Our week was rather arduous.  Although bike week is always a grueling ordeal at least it wasn't without perks or benefits.  We typically get some finding done and still have lessons, but something was horribly wrong this week.  It just was tough, no single calamity or any such noise.  Appointment fell through and people didn't see us, we would get left across town with nothing to do but bike back after our appointment did show up.  Try to meet people and find new people, and the success in that was slim.  Still, it wasn't without fun.  We met a man who called himself J*** C*****.  He told us he is 1700 years old and just out of a mental institution.  He has to watch out since they know his real name.  He's living with his dad, but its not his real dad, he just says he is his friend.  His real dad died and he tried to visit his real dad's house but couldn't because there were too many snakes.

Good times, good times.

Looks like I'll be here for awhile, and I hope ti continues to marvelous.

- Elder North

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 30, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear North Clan (and other barbarians),

The more things change the more things stay the same.  And by 'change' I mean 'stay the same'.  Not to say The Work has become dull or I've resigned to any indulgent comfort, just that things continue to go as they have been.  One outstanding occurrence did take place though.  We were going to baptize our investigator.  In going over the interview questions we remembered he had committed a crime and turns out it was a little more serious than we thought and we should have been on top of this awhile ago.  His baptism is postponed for now until he shows a habit of coming to church.

I have finally delivered unto my Mother pictures, so hopefully that spares everyone reading her rants and tirades I've been told she writes on the subject.  I'm thinking we'll get the next batch of pictures out in six months.

Tirades huh?  Wonder who has been saying I have been ranting and tirading.  HEHHE  O well if my rants and tirades produce results I guess I will have to continue with them.  I am glad to receive the pictures and have requested that he include some of the people he is around in the next batch including pictures of baptism.  As we can tell pictures are not as important to Elder North as they are to me.  I am glad he is complying and providing me with some.

In other news, we were at a thrift store and I found a framed picture of a sea otter.  Needless to say I purchased it and it now resides in the bathroom.

I'd like to thank Grandma North and Ceaira for their letters, which I have received.  Hope everyone continues to keep busy and always grow in faith.  Conference is coming, prepare yourselves!

LDS General Conference is this coming weekend.  You can watch it live on line if your interested in seeing what it is all about. 

- Elder North

MORE PICTURES - This time out in the field

Airport heading to Arkansas!

See mom the my license really did get bent in the wallet.
Calling home from our layover in Texas.

On the plane.

The mission home.
905 Kierre Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72116

Sister Peterson

Elder Anderson

My bed with my purple sheets.

Elder Anderson and our apartment

My desk

Our kitchen

Our beds

Another view of our desks and kitchen

more apartment

gym equipment

We have a washer and drying in our apartment

Toasted PB&J

FIRE burning paper 

Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson and beans

Elder Anderson with the laffy taffy I asked my mom to send him.

Our apartment from the outside.

Our ward building

We have no benches in our chapel.

Orey Family