Monday, November 24, 2014

Letter home from Elder North

Date:  November 24, 2014

Area:  Bartlett, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Rushton

Dear Microsoft Sans,
The biggest role of the Holy Ghost in my experience is during studies. From there it is a matter of following what you've gone over and having faith in what you do.
We're respected well enough. Everyone is polite, but sometimes they confuse polite with actual real rudeness where they don't want to reject use to our face and will just stop communicating. Always easier if they just tell us they don't want to meet anymore.
I use my iPod and speaker but I've listened to pretty much everything on it, so not nearly as much anymore. I wish I had some way to put more or new things on it.
It is getting somewhat cold, but not cold enough.
Typically we shop at Wal Mart, especially now since I've been sent cards for there.
No strange customs really, not that I've seen. Everything seems pretty normal.
So this is the end of yet another transfer. I am likely to stay in Lakeland, but it is possible for me to be transferred! We shall see what the future holds.

-Elder North

Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  November 17, 2014
Area:  Bartlett, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Rushton

Dear Lunar Citizens,
WHAT!?! A mission prep class taught by Coy's Grandfather!?! I want to go home to attend that!
I got letters from The Stake, The holdens and Grandma Mary. Best part about Preperation day is easily Emailing. Communication is fabulous!
For breakfast I have an Egg and a piece of toast. For a while I had bacon that Sister Buerer bought us, but it ran out.
Lunch is a hot dog, dinner we have at a member's home pretty much every day here. Elder Rushton doesn't eat out much.
We had a slow week but had a good meeting with recent convert Bruno. I think he and Dad would get along, they're somewhat similar.
Sorry for the brevity, but I'm short on time this week. See ya'll later!
-Elder North

Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  November 10, 2014
Area:  Bartlett, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Rushton
Dear Irons,
To answer some questions; I am in the Lakeland Ward, and it's a typical Ward size for out here. Filling the pews but not packed in.  Our Ward Mission Leader is Brother...Marineu(spelling?). He's great! We meet with him after church every Sunday and he's pretty ready and willing to be involved.  I believe our ward just covers Lakeland and we share the building with the Arlington Ward.  It takes 15 minutes by car to go to church and the Burns take us each week.
Strangest thing this transfer? Met an odd fellow named Jimmy who seemed to blow a bit more boastful smoke than I think even he realizes but honestly he was nothing compared to what West Memphis and Kennett were pretty much daily. Lakeland is a sort of middle ground of sensibility between those two areas and Oxford.
They had me introduce myself and bear my testimony, that's all. And all there ought to be. Don't go bringing down the Talk Pox upon me! Such is not to be wished upon even our most loathesome enemies, so I would much desire you not to invoke it on me!
Yes we do have a washer and dryer in this place too.
We've had no investigators to church yet since I have been here, but we do have a solid couple as investigators. Arin and her husband, so you are likely to hear about them more in the future.
-Elder North

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Letter Home from Elder Bryen North

Date:  November 3, 2014
Area:  Bartlett, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Rushton

Dear Jays,

Elder Rushton has a good testimony of the gospel and much more knowledge than some may think.  We go to the gym every morning to work out, so that's a thing now.

Our apartment is very nice, Elder Rushton chose it when it was opened several months ago.  Just he and I are in our apartment but in our complex we have a set of Spanish Elders.  Also very near are the Arlington Elders.


I wrote to tell him about his dad and I watching his friend Jenica on Jeopardy.  It was super cool and she did AMAZING.  So amazing that we had to go find another episode because she wasn't on just one but two episodes of Jeopardy.  Kudos to her for an awesome job representing Utah.

The ward is pretty neat.  We get a lot of meals so I've been meeting a lot of the people faster than in previous areas.  One guy, Brother Davis (Day-Vees) is building a full on plane in his garage.  It's way cool.  We also rode in a very nice car belonging to Brother Stone.  A GT 500 something or another I think.

There isn't a whole lot to report this week, just focusing on finding.

- Elder North

Thanks to a companion that takes pictures and sends them to his mom we are back to getting pictures!!!  Wahoo.

Bolwing on Pday in their new shirts

Some role playing at a meeting