Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  September 15, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Despain

Dear Gummies,

First and foremost, Mikel.  You are a champion and have a fantastic Senior Picture!  Keep up the good work.

We do not buy school pictures since I take my kids pictures.  That and Mikel is of the opinion that when someone is scanning the yearbook they should do double take when they pass his picture.  He messed up his hair and made as goofy face as he could get away with.  

This has been a productive and long feeling week.  We had CJ and Rachel to church!  That was excellent.  It will be the highlight of next week catching up with them on their experience.  We had delicious soup with the Andrew family last night as well.

Speaking of food. The past couple of months I have been eating at a Thai food place, it is great.  I always get a five on the spiciness and its delicious.  I remember when I was foolishly against spicy food.  Hilarious.  As for exotic things, we don't get served much of those, but they do have a special brand of chips here in the south called Zapps.  They have a number of Southern Flavors like, honey mustard, sweet creole onion, vooodoo, spicy cajun crawtators, and cajun dill gatertators.

Cool experience from last night, we were touching base at our apartment and suddenly Edler Despain decides we ought to head to the church.  We did need something printed off by the ward leader but when we got there, no one was available to do that.  Then our investigator Gooch texted us asking when church was.  Church had already happened and ended a few hours ago, but it just so happened that a CES devotional was going down in half an hour!  So we invited him to that and he showed up and we watched it with him.  Outta the blue!  It was great and he enjoyed it.

The CES devotional was very nice and I recommend it, it was given by D. Todd Christofferson.

- Elder North

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