Monday, January 12, 2015

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  January 12, 2015
Area:  Jackson, Tennesse
Companion:  Elder Eatchel

Dear Cinderblocks,

No transfer call, so it seems Elder Eatchel and I are sticking around! It's been a while since I've stayed in one place.

We did indeed go to Buffalo Wild Wings! I did as instructed and got half Mango Habenero and half Buffalo Dry Rub, with the buffalo seasoning on the fries. It was delicious. We appreciate the generosity. Elder Eatchel is extremely grateful as well.
We broke our record in-area for lessons this week I believe, which was cool. Now that things have settled things are going much smoother.

A discussion with had with a woman last night had me thinking of our clarity of doctrine. Things make such an infinitely larger degree of sense in the Gospel of the Lord's Church. I am perplexed how people can ascribe to notions of the trinity, with God and Christ being the same individual, and are so set on it that they find the more simple and obvious answer confusing.

The questions raised by investigators always give me a renewed realization of how much more clear everything is. The difficult thing is trying to share that with them without seeming like 'oh we know so much more and know better than you'. So many things are answered just by simple prayer and reading. As always I invite everybody to read and pray. Spiritual matters are spiritually discerned, if you want to know that something is true, pray to find out!

-Elder North

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