Monday, January 5, 2015

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  January 5, 2015
Area:  Jackson, Tennesse
Companion:  Elder Eatchel

Dear Hugelings,

Interesting schedule change for church back home. It will be interesting going to church at that hour a couple times.

Our New Years was hardly so eventful. After the Proselyting day ended we stuck around with the other missionaries and talked for a bit before all going to sleep. After which we woke up the next morning and BAM like Magic it's 2015. Whaddya know.

The other missionaries had a baptism New Year's Day for the Mother of a return Sister Missionary. It was an excellent time for everybody and she seems she will be a very strong Member of the Church. The blessings that come from being a part of The Lord's True Church on the Earth are great in number. Witnessing a baptism always works as a great reminded of how wonderful missionary work is. To allow others to get a more complete knowledge of their God!

Our past couple of weeks were slowed a bit by the Holiday season. With it come and gone though we look like we're already picking up traction. Looking forward to some good lessons and lots of teaching!

-Elder North

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