Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  February 9, 2015
Area:  Jackson, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Eatchel

Dear Swans,

Sorry for this letter coming so late and being a tad shorter than it would have been.  We had one interesting experience this week that I do want to make sure to tell you about!  We got a referral for someone at an address.  When we went there we found the man did not live there but there was a woman who lived there and she had been to LDS services over a decade ago when she lived in Mississippi.    We will be meeting with her again soon.  We then tried the number on the referral and got in touch with a man named Paul.  Paul was the one who sent the referral and gave the one to the guy we were looking to talk to!  He had us meet him at Chick-Fil-A and he is a traveling believer in Christ more or less.  He's been to many other countries and speaks Italian and he was very excited to get a copy of the Book of Mormon.  We were glad to give it to him.  Unfortunately he wasn't able to make it to church but we hope we might catch him again and be able to teach him more and share some of our Missionary Invitations.

Congratulations to Amber for having completed her Mission!  Thank you all for your continued support, be sure to send Jered mail!

- Elder North

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