Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Letter home from Elder North

Date:  June 8, 2015
Area:  Lakeland, Tennesse
Companion:  Elder Bunderson
Dear Rapscallions,
We did a number and variety of interesting things this week. We saw the new Angel Moroni get placed on the temple. We got to toot the horn of the old one and then we helped load in the new baptismal font. They had to remove the front doors of the temple and we got it in there, then had to lift it up. We laid it on the railing for the night and came back the next day to help after they had built an A-Frame above and around where the font needed to rest. We pushed it out to the center resting on six boards, hung it from the A-frame by chains and removed the boards. We then lowered it down into place. Pretty crazy, it weighed 1500 pounds! No one was crushed.
We performed 2 tests to try and finalize how transfers will be done. I thank Dad for the advice to talk to Stake Technology Specialists, that got us in touch with Brother Day, who knows his stuff and is training Elder Bunderson on it.
I see you had a good time in Chicago, good for you! It seems like an exciting place.
We are going to have another major meeting on Friday this week with Elder Kopischke, but apparently there will not be a bus like last getting there is going to be fun!
Keep praying for the missionary work, but not just for the missionaries, but to recieve and recognize your own chances as well to share the gospel!
-Elder North

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