Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Letter home from Elder North

Date:  June 22, 2015
Area: Lakeland, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Bunderson
Dear 2nd Gigs,

My last Monday Preparation Day, it's been a crazy time. I mean the whole thing. Strange to think of anything but Mission Life at this point. Twice I've auto-piloted to backing someone from outside the car when I did not need to. It's habit now.

Final preparations don't take as long as one would think, though it's a tad more nerve wracking since I won't be able to get anything just handed around the mission back to me if I forget it. I am pretty adept at packing now and capable of living off a closet's worth of space.

We're going to go fishing with a guy we met. He lives outside of our area but he fishes in our area, we're trying to get him in touch with his area's missionaries and trying to teach his friend.

Sunday we went through the entire ward roster with our Ward Mission Leader and Brother Deter, so that list we made of people and families should help flesh out our time.

I'll see you all soon!

-Elder North


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