Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 Letter Home

Dear Creatures of the Valley,

I'm now a full transfer into the mission!  It has been a very full month and a half.  I am staying with Elder Anderson for another tranfer before he gets out and then I'll have to act as the senior companion of my area. Six weeks and I've only had to speak in Sacrament once when I first arrived and bore a simple testimony.

The mosquitoes devour me daily and pretty much do not touch Elder Anderson.

We just had a cool investigator come to church, a sixteen year old named K****.   I'm not sure exactly how to spell his name.  He seemed to enjoy it and said he'll stay the full time next week.  Cross your fingers.

We just had the most astonishing bike week.  Six tires GONE in a single week!  First my front one, then both on his.  Then another on his.  Fixing that we went to an investigator later and with nothing even touching the bike it just loses all the air and goes DEAD flat.  We were driven to WalMart and he got a new tube.  We go to the apartment to put it in and he fills it up to 55, between the recommended 35-82.  It exploded.  So that was fun.  Despite all of it we had a stellar week.

J****, M*****, and A***** are set to get baptized at the end of this week.

I'm sending this e-mail from the Memphis First Ward building since we just went to the temple.  It was glorious and beautiful.  I'm glad I had the chance to go.  Seems attending the temple is not uncommon in my mission.  Normally we send our e-mails from the tiny West Memphis library.  The saddest little library you ever did saw.

- Elder North

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