Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Horde of Relatives (And other associated parties),

There!  Now you can all say I've baptized someone!  (Even though Elder Anderson did all the work.)  Two other Baptism that day and the confirmations went through without a hitch.  Here's to hoping for a larger pool next month!  We're already working on it.

Grandma Mary I send you my best wishes of health.

Karoline, let Mosiah know that he can go when he's Eighteen!  That's not too far away, so he should start preparing now!

Also, got another jam-packed package!  It hasn't even been a month since the first and you send me another!?  Mother, you spoil me.  Thanks though, Ill be trying out these mosquito solutions during our now more frequent bike-weeks.  With the increase of missionaries in the mission (Hitting our cap of 200).  We will now bike one week on and then one week off and in the car.  Zone Leader said he's looking into a way to fix that.

I sent him a package with some things to try to help repel the mosquitoes since he mentioned he was being eaten alive but they don't seem to bother his companion.  I remember taking garlic pills when we lived in Texas and Grandma North said rubbing downy dryer sheets help at camp so I sent him a list of ideas and some things to try.

Last Zone Meeting we were introduced to a new Senior Couple, The Shaw's.  They're functioning in the Mission President's Office, I think.  They handle vehicle maintenance and the like.  I bring this up because at the meeting when they announced where they were from my companion couldn't help but let out a 'Yeah!' since they were from the same state as him.  He got pretty excited.

So jealous of you Mother!  Pretty much the worst rule I have to follow here in the mission is no holding babies!  The L**** family have a cute little baby and I'm not allowed to hold him.

Usually these types of rules come from previous problems, but I can see this would be a really hard rule for Bubba since he loves babies!  I have a beautiful new baby girl to hold and love as the people I nanny for were blessed with a healthy baby girl recently.  So I sent him a picture of cute little Hazel.

Missionary Work seems to be going well enough now.  We already have dates set for people in September.
The more promising one being C****, who really seems to want to turn her life around.  K**** and C**** came to church yesterday and we've been having solid lessons with a guy name D****.  For a long time we thought his name was D****, because he would say his full name slurred and quickly, 'D**** Y****'.  Another is a young boy of sixteen named K****, who seems to be getting pretty into the Book of Mormon.

We cleaned the Apartment some today.  Partly because it's Preparation Day, mostly because President Peterson will be coming by soon.  Our Apartment is comfortable, one of the nice ones from what I've seen of Missionary Apartments so far.  We have a washer and dryer so we can even do our laundry in our apartment.

We helped three people move this week.  Busy times, it's great!

All in all, things continue to be spectacular.
- Elder North

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