Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 Letter Home from Elder Bryen North

Elder Fredette and Elder North
Date:  January 13, 2014
Area:  West Memphis, Arkansas
Companion:  Elder Fredette

Dear Muppets,

Things are looking pretty good on the missionary front over here!

Can't wait to see where Taylor is headed.

Taylor is Elder North's cousin who just submitted his papers so in the next couple of weeks will receive his mission call.  Taylor is six weeks older than Elder North.

Technically we were supposed to have bike week this week, but due to fortunate circumstances dealing in our favor, we got to hold onto the car during this week.

Elder Fredette is an excellent companion.  He is leaning things quick and getting to befriend member here, which is important.  We're starting to work a lot more with Branch leadership to reach out to less active members and are planning a trip to Wynne on Saturday.

We picked up the stocking package a couple of days ago.

There was one of Elder North's Christmas packages that did not get delivered.  I was able to track it down and he finally got it.  I was just grateful it wasn't the important package.

Still hardly cold out here.  My jacket is more than warm enough.

I hear from other missionary moms how their sons are freezing (most of those are from Utah also) so I keep asking if he would like me to send him his coat.  He only went with a light rain jacket.  He insists he is fine.  I think he is enjoying this weather after the very humid summer.  

Hope you all keep doing what you're doing and always pray to be able to help another person, then keep and eye out!

- Elder North

The pictures are from Sister Orey and along with them she sent this information.  "Elder Fredette is a distant cousin to Jimmer Fredette.  These pictures are from church Wednesday night.  Elder Talbert thought it was funny to photo bomb, so then Elder Oveson started also.  Of course then my Isabelle and Lauren Walls did the same.  At least you can see Elder North and Elder Fredette even with the photo bombers.  LOL  Also, "Big Red" is Elder Fredette's nickname from school.  He is not a small guy at all.  He is of Irish decent.  He had a full red beard by the age of 16 and showed everyone his driver's license to give us an idea what he looked like.  Well, you are pretty much as caught up as I am.  Both Elders are pretty sure Elder North will be transferred next transfer.  Joe is NOT happy with this.

I love members taking the time to give me updates, pictures, and information!!!  Thank you thank you thank you Sister Orey!  The next transfer for Elder North will be February 12th so he still has a few weeks.  Joe is Sister Orey's little boy who is quite taken with Elder North.

Please take some time and drop Elder North  a line or two he would love to hear from you.

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
606 Rainer #10
West Memphis, AR 72301

You can check out his blog at

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