Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 20, 2014 Letter Home from Elder Bryen North

E-mailing home from the W**** House
Date:  January 20, 2014
Area:  West Memphis, Arkansas
Companion:  Elder Freddette

Dear Folks,

Everything is good!
That's all folks!

- Elder North

I'm kidding.  I don't recall getting a letter from you this week mom...but, this week has felt astonishingly long!  Crazy how old Zane is now and that he will be in sixth grade next year!

Our week has been fine, Elder Fredette and I are focusing on less active members like mad still and it's good.  A family friend of the A**** Family has decided to start taking the lessons.

I'm confident I'll be moved out of West Memphis in the next three weeks. (When transfer happen)  I won't like it per say, but it'll be exciting.  I'll be leaving a lot of things to the Marion Elders and Elder Fredette.

Our missionary meetings typically take place across the river in Bartlett.  Our Zone Leaders are over there as well, and there is a missionary meeting every week, but sometimes we don't go to Transfer meetings.

I apologize for the lateness and brevity of this letter, things didn't pan out how we would have liked for our e-mailing time.

- Elder North

Drop Elder North a letter, he would appreciate it.  Missionaries love mail even the ones who are not very good at writing back.  

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
606 Rainer #10
West Memphis, AR 72301

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