Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 - Letter home from Elder Bryen North

Date:  February 24, 2014
Area:  Kennett Missouri, Blytheville Ward
Companion:  Elder Matangi from Logan, Utah

Dear Soldiers in the Army,

There's a bright crown in store.  And by crown I mean cake.  That is a lot of candles.  Best wishes to all my fellow missionaries facing their respective trials and prospects!  And now, onto a glorious list of questions.

I sent him a picture of me blowing out my birthday cake in which Taryn insured all 40 candles where on it and lit.  It was VERY bright.

We do have a washer and dryer, thankfully.  Our car situation is much the same as it was before. (two weeks with a car one week on bikes)  Kennett does not have a branch or building.  We attend the Blytheville ward in Arkansas.  Blytheville is about thirty miles away from Kennett.

Usually we e-mail with the other missionaries or we do it from the library.  

Elder Ferdette and North outside the Memphis Temple
P-day last week?  We submitted numbers, e-mailed, drove...not much.

Our Zone leaders are Elder Daley and Elder Draper.  We typically attend Zone Conferences in Bartlett once a month.

Elder Matangi is from a family of eight.  We teach pretty well together.

I did get a text that my camera has been found.  Now I just have to get it back from them.

There were no exchanges this week.  We ate at Phyllis's home last night.  We had fried chicken and spaghetti.  Earlier in the week Brother McKinley took us to Grecian Steak House and I had some ham.

New friend?  I suppose you could mean C****.  He's a sixteen year old.  He, his mother and her mother are investigators.  C*** and his mother B**** came to church yesterday. 

Not so sure what is happening here.
I did receive a card from Grandma Mary!  Thank you very much.  It featured a bunny with a pancake on its head.

- Elder North

If you would like to write Elder North, missionaries love to get mail.

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
608 Oak Street
Kennett, MO 63857

Why the helmet and blanket in the car?   

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