Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 - Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  March 3, 2014Area:  Kennett Missouri, Blytheville Ward
Companion:  Elder Matangi from Logan, Utah
Dear Twinkies,

Just got a lot of snow and ice outside.

The teaching pool of a missionary is either changing rapidly or stands still, almost never seems like there is an in between. We do have a new investigator, Somer, who seems especially earnest and I hope we can help her learn the gospel so it can bless her life.

C**** and B**** did not come to church due to the weather. We plan on seeing them Wednesday though. Church was thin due to the weather and cut short.

We're pretty much just working with Kennett. It's possible we could be sent to deal with other things elsewhere, but we have yet to.

The Fried Chicken was good! We ate at the same house yesterday as last time too. We had a LOT of food. Lil weenies, Chicken Spaghetti, Sherbert in Sprite, cake, Ice cream and Ro-tel dip. 
My weight continues to stay as constant as I can observe. I no longer have a scale to check.

As for local sayings? People say 'fixin' instead of 'about to'. That's prevalent. Also here in Kennett they say 'show out' instead of 'show off' or 'act out'.

Nothing's super different. The weather is about to turn horridly hot though. The speaker works great, and I get my camera back in a couple days.

We plan on getting Cody and Barbie ready for baptism this month! Pray for them to gain knowledge and strength in the lord their God.

-Elder North

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