Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  November 17, 2014
Area:  Bartlett, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Rushton

Dear Lunar Citizens,
WHAT!?! A mission prep class taught by Coy's Grandfather!?! I want to go home to attend that!
I got letters from The Stake, The holdens and Grandma Mary. Best part about Preperation day is easily Emailing. Communication is fabulous!
For breakfast I have an Egg and a piece of toast. For a while I had bacon that Sister Buerer bought us, but it ran out.
Lunch is a hot dog, dinner we have at a member's home pretty much every day here. Elder Rushton doesn't eat out much.
We had a slow week but had a good meeting with recent convert Bruno. I think he and Dad would get along, they're somewhat similar.
Sorry for the brevity, but I'm short on time this week. See ya'll later!
-Elder North

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