Monday, November 24, 2014

Letter home from Elder North

Date:  November 24, 2014

Area:  Bartlett, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Rushton

Dear Microsoft Sans,
The biggest role of the Holy Ghost in my experience is during studies. From there it is a matter of following what you've gone over and having faith in what you do.
We're respected well enough. Everyone is polite, but sometimes they confuse polite with actual real rudeness where they don't want to reject use to our face and will just stop communicating. Always easier if they just tell us they don't want to meet anymore.
I use my iPod and speaker but I've listened to pretty much everything on it, so not nearly as much anymore. I wish I had some way to put more or new things on it.
It is getting somewhat cold, but not cold enough.
Typically we shop at Wal Mart, especially now since I've been sent cards for there.
No strange customs really, not that I've seen. Everything seems pretty normal.
So this is the end of yet another transfer. I am likely to stay in Lakeland, but it is possible for me to be transferred! We shall see what the future holds.

-Elder North

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