Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  December 15, 2015
Area:  Jackson, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Eatchel

Dear Executors,

What a hectic week on the home front! Madness, truly madness! Things have been significantly more mundane on my end, though I've always had a knack for not getting sick or injured often.

My first full week with Elder Eatchel and things are going well. Better than I had anticipated really. Opening an area can be difficult due to lack of traction and that is pretty much what we're doing. We have more connections now and hope to have some member presents going on this coming week.

We met one interesting individual who had interesting ideas about the second coming, he believed we'd all just muck up the world do the point where our meeting of the savior is just when we all die. Not the most invalid idea, but the scriptures say otherwise and even if we tilt the earth off its axis and all burn up, Christ will still return to the Earth and restore it sooner or later.

The package from the Ward arrived, as did the calendar and so have the 2 packages from the family. I could tell what a lot of them were without opening them though. Diabolical to disallow me from having them now, I say!

We welcomed back a return missionary and it appears her mother is extremely ready to join the church. It's always important to remember that the young can still teach the old and show forth an example. Let no man despise thy youth and all that.

So my bike.  My bike was seriously injured a while back. It was sent to Little Rock for repairs. I was riding it and ended up going over a tree branch. It yanked the derailer up against the spokes. A member looked at it and said that the part that broke was actually intended to do so, so that if a crash happens it saves more expensive parts of the bike from bending or breaking.  They have yet to get back to me on that.
I'll be trying to take more pictures this coming week, since I haven't really taken any since I got here. Everybody be sure to continue praying! Prayer is supremely powerful.

-Elder North

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