Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  December 29, 2014
Area:  Jackson, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Eatchel

Dear Daring Dos,

I gave a talk in church this Sunday also and eeverythingwent well.  I think I even managed to keep it at about 15 minutes and not run over.  I spoke on "How can I learn to serve more effectively in the church".  I talked about how we can learn from other's good examples, our church leadership, and from the scriptures.  I then spoke about how we can improve our attitudes by making personal connections with those our service influences and through recognizing that the Lord does not ask of us things we cannot do.

We had someone to church on Sunday!  Orlando, a guy who we have been trying to see since I first arrived.  We finally got in contact with him.

Elder Fiso and Elder Wahl got sick over the holiday but are both doing better now.  Luckily Elder Eatchel and I didn't seem to get anything.

Once the new year starts things should finally cool down and people will come back from their Holiday trips!  Here's hoping this next year is a great one for missionary work!

- Elder North

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