Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North

Date:  December 8, 2014
Area:  Jackson, Tennessee
Companion:  Elder Eatchel

Dear Juicy Juice Hypotenuse,

Wild times in the mission field! I have been placed in the far Right of the Mission and this could be my second to last area! The Sister Missionaries who I came out with are now going to be headed home soon. A sure sign that I'll be next. I keep trying to tell people I've only been out a year, but Elder Eatchel (My new companion) keeps blowing my cover!

My new companion is like serving with one of my brothers. We know the same jokes and can talk for a long time.

Feel free to send foodstuffs. I enjoy those.  (He enjoys meats, all sorts)

Elder Eatchel bought a 20 pound bag of rice the second night here and we've been spicing up rice so many ways! The ward is very nice and had a Christmas breakfast. Guess who got all the leftover sausage?
It goes well with the rice.

Here there is a mortuary owned by some members who let us use it to rest, email and it will be where I call on Christmas.

We replaced two sister missionaries, one of which was Sister Skinner, who I came out with. It might be tough since we are both new to the area, but it'll be great!

-Elder North

If you would like to send Elder North something for Christmas you can send it to this address and it will get there faster than going through the mission home.  Thanks for your love and support.

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