Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Letter home from Elder North

Date:  May 18, 2015
Area:  North Little Rock Arkansas
Companion:  Elder Reed

Dear Ghouls,

I am being transferred! Onto a new area for my final run. I had an extremely excellent time with Elder Reed here in the office. Dwayne still wants to be baptized and won't be moving away and despite the many things they need us to do we still managed to do a good amount of proselyting.

This week is crazy for the office elders, with at least four days needing to be spent over in Memphis.

I've got to pack and go to a new area for the last time and I probably need to offload some stuff permanently. I've been taking pictures more so I'll come back home with as loaded a camera as possible.

Congratulations to Mikel for preparing for his mission! It will be excellent all around I am sure.

-Elder North

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