Friday, July 19, 2013

Arrived in Little Rock on July 16, 2013

So they left the MTC at 2:30am on July 16th and took front runner to the Salt Lake City airport.  Apparently my mommy radar was in high gear because I woke the first time at 2am then every half an hour thereafter until I finally just got up.  No phone call from the airport came in that time.  I was sad and wondering if he didn't get the calling card that I forgot to send in his package and therefore hastily sent on Saturday.  Finally at 10:15 my phone rings with a Texas number.  I answered excitedly and it was indeed him.  We talked to him for a good half an hour from the Texas airport encouraging him to go find some food.  Elder North had plenty of cash on him but is rather a tight wad and didn't want to spend anything.  He had been traveling since 2:30am so I really hope he broke down and bought something somewhere.  It was great to talk to him.  He asked again how his room is.  His sisters moved into his room and were talking about painting it and he was not too happy with that.  I told him we got them talked into keeping it purple and he breathed a sigh of relief but still keeps checking to make sure.

We got a an e-mail from President Petersen saying your son has arrived safely and some pictures.  Of course Bryen had to take a picture making a face for my benefit.  He always makes faces in the pictures I try and take.  One time I was looking at pictures his dad took at a camp or something and see that he is smiling in them all.  I ask him what's up with that you save the face making for me huh and he just laughs. 

24 new missionaries arrived.  With 15 being sister missionaries.  It is just amazing what the age change has done for these young women!  We will not know where Elder North is serving until Monday when he writes home.  Can't wait to get his letter.  Monday's are quite the special day for missionary moms.

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