Monday, July 29, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013 - Super Fabulous Phone Call

These are words from Laura North.

I have been sick this weekend which is no fun at all but Friday evening I got an excellent boost.  My phone rang and it was an Arkansas number.  Which always give slight trepidation because what if something is wrong with my missionary.  I answer and am greeted by Sister T**** from West Memphis who called to tell me how much she loves my son and is so thankful we have allowed him to serve a mission in Arkansas.  She said she had just had Elder North over for dinner that night.  She told me that she is a convert of 12 years but her husband has never joined.  She said that her husband and Elder North have really hit it off, they have a lot in common and just have easy conversation.  Her husband has now set a date in August to be baptized. I got tears in my eyes and of course could not think straight other than to say thank you so much for calling and the pleasure is ours.  This was such an answer to my prayers to hear how Elder North is connecting with the people there.  We know that Heavenly Father calls these young people to where they are needed most and this is more evidence of that.  For me as a mom wondering how her son is faring in a new place and a new environment it is music to my ears to hear he is connecting with the people he is serving.  What a wonderful blessing to have Sister T**** call me.  I thank her with all my heart and soul that she would take the time to do that.  I am one happy mom right now.  :)

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