Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013 - Letter from the field

Dear Friends and Family!

I had finally written back to people, and then I just got two more letters!  Goodness.  Thanks to Mother and Grandmother Mary for writing.  Grandma sent me her letter on paper that looks like a fish tank!  I did not see that coming.

The work progresses!  We have been focusing more on finding and its been rather fruitful.  We'll see what comes of some of the people we've met about on the streets.  It feels like last Monday was yesterday, and yet it was a full enough week.  Anyway, as for the pictures, I just spent a good half hour trying to figure out how I can do them on the computer.  Limited to only e-mail, it's not going to happen.  I guess I'll go and make a disk later in the month then.  Phooey.

Sincerely, Elder North

He answered a few questions with as minimal detail as possible.  :)

The bike is fine.
Bike week starts now.  So, all day now.
I met the Teeter's the first week I believe.  Brother Teeter is big on history, he was in the Air Force for awhile.

So he sounds like he is doing ok, not much info so I am very thankful to Sister Teeter for her phone call, it give a connection I would have not known of otherwise.  Will be getting his greenie package together to send this week.  A greenie is what they call brand new missionaries so we celebrate that with a package of all green stuff.  So he was able to send two picture before deciding that wasn't going to work effectively.  
Brother Cowan - MTC teacher

Brother Griffiths - MTC teacher

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