Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Utes (and other associated tribes),

A recent convert wants her son to be baptized. He's ready and willing, but is paralyzed. It will be tricky but we're looking forward to it! We had three people to church yesterday (along with four kids). The children got a tad moody but that was to be expected and we did our best to handle them. Two of them stayed for two hours, one of them, ****, left after hour 1. She's a fun character. We're hoping we can help her.

K*** wasn't about to come to church again, but our relationship with their family still seems very solid. I'm sure we'll get him baptized soon enough.

I'd like to thank Grandma Mary for her letters! She's sent quite a few and I think is in the lead.

This transfer is already halfway gone! Soon Elder Anderson or I will be sent away. I'll have to pack up again, that's the worst part. I'm comfortable! But I suppose that's the point. Not to let missionaries get comfortable, easy going or complacent. Always on our toes (or bikes).

We went fishing with Brother **** this morning and Elder Anderson almost stepped on a big snake. We chopped off it's head and Brother **** took it home with him.
Fun times.

Zone Conference is this week, I'll be seeing my fellows from my MTC group, two sisters and I think all three Elders. That will be a delightful romp I am certain. I look forward to hearing more about what the goings ons at home is and will be working till then!

-Elder North

Well he no longer will even talk to me about pictures.  I hope he is at least still taking them!  He hasn't said if any of the mosquito ideas have worked either.  O well, he sounds good and happy.  What more can a mom really want....

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