Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 8, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Letter-readers,

Apparently everyone went to Comic-Con without me!  But, I'm on my mission, so, I win.

Speaking of Mission, things are looking rather dry for September, but K**** still seems very solid.  He has type 2 diabetes and it was acting up, preventing him from coming to church because he had to go to the emergency room.  With that all of our Baptismal dates for this month had to push back some.

As for the baptism last month, Elder Anderson did not baptize anyone personally.  J**** was baptized by his father in law, M*** was Baptized by Brother H****, and A**** by a missionary.

Riding to an appointment with D**** we met a guy named L**** who was WAY chill and had the second deepest voice I've heard while out here.

Finally the bike week ended with some great news!  Car is back and we're now on a three on one off schedule thanks to our Zone Leaders, Elder Armstrong and Elder Spilker.  They are taking a bike week so that the car can be shared around.  It was a fine bike week though, especially since we didn't have six destroyed tires.

Remember, just because you don't have a name tag doesn't mean you cannot be spreading the gospel.  Go bless some lives!

- Elder North

Short letter this week, ok even shorter than normal.  HEHEHE  Sounds like he is well though and it is always good to hear some snippets of how he is doing even if it isn't very long.  Write him!

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