Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear Fellows,

I'm sure talk of conference has been buzzing in and out all of your ears non-stop from all sides, so I'll keep my take and experience brief for the sake of eliminating being repetitive of other parties.

Conference=Excellent.  We watched it at the branch meeting house mostly, and saw second session at the T****'s house.  Three investigators came.

Ya think towards the end of his mission he will figure out that we don't care if things are repeated a bit we WANT to know his take on things???  Not sure if the investigators attended all of conference or where but that is nice they had some with them.

I will be spending a good deal of time here in West Memphis since Elder Anderson will be finishing here and then I will be taking the area from him most likely.  So that will be a quarter of my mission here at least. Time to get cozy and make some sausage biscuits.

Well don't get too cozy Elder North or they will move you for sure!  So he thinks he is staying so I am sending his birthday package to the address we have for him.  Things could always change it is all up to the Mission President.  It will be exciting to hear who his new companion is next Monday.  Last week he asked for the sausage biscuit recipe, he said he hasn't made them yet but wants to.  We had them on Sunday for breakfast.  Yummy!  Jed learned how to make them on one of our trips to Georgia.  Here is the recipe if anyone wants to try them.

4 cups self-rising flour (she used Gold Meadow brand)
2-3 cups buttermilk (she used Mayfield brand)
4 heaping teaspoons of Crisco
8 oz Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1 lb Sausage - "hot"
1 lb Sausage - "regular"
First, make the biscuit dough
Put flour in a large mixing bowl.  Add Crisco and "cut" the Crisco into the flour until there are no clumps of Crisco.  (Cut means to keep cutting the Crisco clumps with a spoon or fork until you can't see any more.  Takes about 5 minutes)
Add buttermilk to make the dough moist.  You are looking for a consistency of cookie dough.  It will stick to your hands, that's OK.  Do not over mix or kneed as this will make the dough more chewy.
Sprinkle more flour on a table to roll out the dough on.  Place the dough on the table and lightly mix in a few teaspoons of flour so it can be more easily rolled.  Roll into a rectangular/oval shape.  It should be about 1/4" thick.  You end up with a dough oval about 24 inches by 14 inches.
Use 2 1lb packages of sausage.  1 "hot" and 1 "regular".  They should be thawed.  Microwave them on "defrost" for 2 minutes to soften them up (not cook them).  It should be warm though so it is easier to spread.
Mix the sausage together and spread it onto the dough like icing on a cake.  Cover the entire dough except for about ½ inch all the way around.
Sprinkle on 8oz. of grated sharp cheddar cheese.
Cut the dough down the middle long-ways.
Roll each half section, starting from the long cut down the middle, like a cinnamon roll.  Then cut into 1" rolled sections.
Place on a cookie sheet (sprayed with Pam) about 1/2" inch apart.
Cook 10-15 minutes at 400 (until sausage is cooked and dough is turning a light brown - it will be crackling).
Let cool for 10 minutes and enjoy.  A little piece of Heaven direct from a Georgia kitchen.

Our week was rather arduous.  Although bike week is always a grueling ordeal at least it wasn't without perks or benefits.  We typically get some finding done and still have lessons, but something was horribly wrong this week.  It just was tough, no single calamity or any such noise.  Appointment fell through and people didn't see us, we would get left across town with nothing to do but bike back after our appointment did show up.  Try to meet people and find new people, and the success in that was slim.  Still, it wasn't without fun.  We met a man who called himself J*** C*****.  He told us he is 1700 years old and just out of a mental institution.  He has to watch out since they know his real name.  He's living with his dad, but its not his real dad, he just says he is his friend.  His real dad died and he tried to visit his real dad's house but couldn't because there were too many snakes.

Good times, good times.

Looks like I'll be here for awhile, and I hope ti continues to marvelous.

- Elder North

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