Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 30, 2013 - Letter Home

Dear North Clan (and other barbarians),

The more things change the more things stay the same.  And by 'change' I mean 'stay the same'.  Not to say The Work has become dull or I've resigned to any indulgent comfort, just that things continue to go as they have been.  One outstanding occurrence did take place though.  We were going to baptize our investigator.  In going over the interview questions we remembered he had committed a crime and turns out it was a little more serious than we thought and we should have been on top of this awhile ago.  His baptism is postponed for now until he shows a habit of coming to church.

I have finally delivered unto my Mother pictures, so hopefully that spares everyone reading her rants and tirades I've been told she writes on the subject.  I'm thinking we'll get the next batch of pictures out in six months.

Tirades huh?  Wonder who has been saying I have been ranting and tirading.  HEHHE  O well if my rants and tirades produce results I guess I will have to continue with them.  I am glad to receive the pictures and have requested that he include some of the people he is around in the next batch including pictures of baptism.  As we can tell pictures are not as important to Elder North as they are to me.  I am glad he is complying and providing me with some.

In other news, we were at a thrift store and I found a framed picture of a sea otter.  Needless to say I purchased it and it now resides in the bathroom.

I'd like to thank Grandma North and Ceaira for their letters, which I have received.  Hope everyone continues to keep busy and always grow in faith.  Conference is coming, prepare yourselves!

LDS General Conference is this coming weekend.  You can watch it live on line if your interested in seeing what it is all about. 

- Elder North

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