Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 - Letter Home

Elder North and Elder Morgan
Date - November 25, 2013
Companion - Elder Morgan
Area - West Memphis

Dearest Mudda, Dearest Fadda, (And everybody else)

I have my new Companion Elder Morgan!  He is from Boise, Idaho.  He was follow-up trained by Elder Anderson.  He's solid, to be sure.  We get along fine.  We have six baptismal dates right now.  Four for the seventh and two for the twenty-eight.  I'm expected to keep things going well here, otherwise Elder Anderson has vowed to destroy me.

I received a letter from home and from Ken and Amy this week.  Thank you all very much!  I will be sending a package home very soon containing some things for Mother to scrapbook and the legacy name tag for Jered to take with him to Guatemala.    Hmmm..I should get a spare tag for me and Amber should get one and we should switch.

When I was in the trio I slept on the floor because the couch is too small and ya can't stretch out.  Terrible! It was good though, taught a very cool woman, S****.

Elder North, Oveson, Morgan, and Talbert - West Memphis Missionaries

When we teach discussions it is very much like how Deven taught you all with Jered.  We trade off, use pamphlets to help keep attention and on track.  I do not have the first vision memorized just yet.  Very close though.

We had his brother who returned home in May and his brother that is leaving in December teach Family Home Evening last week and give us the first discussion.

I haven't gotten comments on my suit.  My clothes are doing great.  The weather isn't that cold.  I'm doing fine.  For a while I didn't even have my rain jacket.  I forgot it at the Wall's home, but they got it back to me.

The inside lining of his suit is quite grovey so I was wondering if anyone had commented on it.

No one is feeding us for Thanksgiving.

Not true, I heard today he will be going over to the O**** families mom's house.  They will be having an ugly tie contest that day!  I got some pictures today from Sister O****.  I figured if Elder North is not going to send me any I must become friends with the locals.  :)  A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

Elder Morgan got a fabulous package his first day here.  His mother sent him a massive bag of 100% Whey from costco.  He makes protein shakes that taste like chocolate milk.  Fantastic and kind of funny.  Elder Talbert gave me a briefcase as well.  I plan on using it well.  It's shiny and amusing.  I'm excited for Jered and hope he prepares well.  My advice would be to read preach my gospel.  It's good and expected.

- Elder North

Eating at the O*** Family's
Elder Talbert

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