Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013 - Letter Home

Date:  December 2, 2013
Companion:  Elder Morgan
Area:  West Memphis

Dear Turkeys,

Happy Thanksgiving, looking forward to the holidays.  Holidays are a tad rough on Missionary work, as it's hardly an opportune time for two young fellows to be taken in for a lesson.  Better weather though, that's for sure!

It is funny to hear him say better weather, since his sister in Chicago is freezing and isn't finding it better at all.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with the O**** family.

Soccer seems to be going very well.  Is anyone participating in any theatrical events?

I would like to thank Grandma Mary for her letter and previous letters.  She has sent a lot!  I will soon have enough fish paper to decorate a full wall.

The biggest thing we have going now I would say is C****.  He has a new baptismal date and is reading the Book of Mormon for a thirty day challenge.  Hopefully he continues to follow through and will gain that witness.  We are also working with M****, a 10 year old who wants to be baptized and we will be giving her the lessons.

If it has not arrived yet, there will soon be arriving a mailing envelope with some pictures and name tag.  Just in time for Jered to take it with him.  Hopefully the tag didn't break or anything.

Jered is leaving on December 10th for his mission in Guatemala.  The North boys have all shared a name tag for part of their mission starting with their Uncles Kenn and Karl, then Deven, Bryen, and now Jered.  They each put a sticker on the back.  Jered can wear the name tag on the flight there but then will be issued a Spanish one.  Below are a few of the pictures sent home.

- Elder North

Typical Bubba faces!

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