Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 - Letter Home

Elder's Morgan, Mourino, Talbert and North
Date:  December 16, 2013
Area:  West Memphis
Companion:  Elder Morgan

Dear Devout Disciples of Deven (May his hair grow even longer),

Not sure what is up with that greeting.  Deven's hair is getting a little long but nothing like it was several years ago for Les Mis.  

This week felt extremely long.  I believe because we did not have church due to the ice last Sunday. I think my brain segments weeks based on church attendance, so not having church smashed two weeks together.  We had some surprise people to church this week though.  Sister and Brother T*** gave taks!  Brother Teeter says he heard that dad got a Ham Raido license and wants to know if it is 20 meter.  I thought it was Kenn who got his license though?

Actually Jed, Tony, and Kenn all got theirs recently.  Jed's raido is 2-meter.

We attended a children's community play that M**** D**** was in, along with some people from the Branch.  Sister W*** was the director.  We will be Skyping form her house on Christmas.  I'll give you a quick call when I'm ready or know when I will be ready so you can be prepared and make sure I am not overlapping with Amber and Jered.

Elder Morgan returns home on the thirty first.  So I will be getting another companion on the 1st of January. I was afraid when I first met him because he seemed sort of checked out, but it's just his personality.  He has zero aversion to work and we continue to do what we can.  His casual commitment might seem bad at first, but really it's just that being a missionary is now his nature.  It's not an active effort to keep himself in check, he just is, so he seems a lot more relaxed.  When we find ourselves with a dropped appointment he pretty much always has an idea or two of what we can do to accomplish something or someone to see.

No, there isn't a Christmas Tree in our apartment.  I put my package from the ward under my desk.  There it shall wait till Christmas despite Elder Morgan telling me to just open it.

- Elder North

Elder North With J****

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