Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 - Elder Bryen North's Letter Home

Christmas Eve at the T****
Date:  December 30, 2013
Area:  West Memphis
Companion:  Elder Morgan (at least for another day that is.)

Dear New Year Party Goers,
Looking forward to another year? This begins what will be my full year of Missionary Service! Twelve consecutive months of work all bearing the mark of 2014. I may never have another one like it! It's rather exciting. I boggles me that I've been out almost half a year now as it is. This time next year I'll be over the hump and getting ready to leave. 

I hope all of you have something planned that you can use to commemorate this year as well! Often they take the form of quickly abandoned 'New Years Resolutions'. Select something to work on, to build and do it so you can look back and say, 'that was the year I learned piano/spent more time with the family/mastered Duck Hunt'.
Christmas party at the church
O**** Family kids

The Gospel is one all about continually progression and moving forward, because standing still is counter-productive!
Christmas was a fine occasion. We spent Christmas Eve with the T****, who we had not seen in a terrible long while. I am so glad we got to visit again before Elder Morgan left. Christmas day was great and I was able to call home via Skype. Looks like everybody is doing well.

I'll be getting a new companion and we'll be set for new experiences. See you all soon!
-Elder North
Two thumbs up!

Lunch with other missionaries

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