Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter Home from Elder Bryen North March 17, 2014

Date:  March 17, 2014
Area:  Kennett, Missouri 
Companion:  Elder Mantangi from Logan, Utah

Dear Leprechauns! 

Missouri is fine. I think it's cool I'm in another state as well. Now if I serve in Tennessee (which is very likely) I will have served in 3 states. Then I just need to serve in Mississippi as well!

Glad you are enjoying Sister Lockett's Correspondence.

Cody and Barbie did come to church again. We're aiming for this coming week for their baptisms.

We had no dinner appointments this week. When we stay in to eat I cook frugally. Bread and eggs is usually what I eat. Sometimes I find hot dogs on sale and our fridge has some condiments for that. We just sort of share most food between us.

We have excellent lessons with Cody and Barbie that I feel we succeed in inviting the spirit. Always a good time.
Barbie and Elder North

We are now teaching an investigator's son, Marc. He seems willing to change and I hope he can.

They have wisely not asked me to speak yet. I strongly suggest you drop this subject lest fate decides against the current course of blissful silence.

We had a very successful pair of spiritual harvests recently. We visited one of them again a couple days ago. Usually Matangi gets a feeling about a door and we go to it. We don't do it often but in Kennett the experience has been positive for Harvesting. We approach the door, knock and ask if we can say a prayer with them to leave the savior's peace and blessing. Ask their names, about them and their families then one of us shares a prayer. We ask if we can visit again sometime soon and then ask if they know anyone else who could use a prayer or help in any way.

We missed the previous meeting, so I will get my camera this week now! Look forward to it.

Keep trucking everyone! Make sure to pray oft and carry an attitude of gratitude.

-Elder North
Elder Mantagi

Write Elder North!

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
608 Oak Street
Kennett, MO 63857

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