Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter home from Elder Bryen North - May 19, 2014

Date:  May 19, 2014
Area:  Kennett, MO
Companion:  Elder Jelte

Dear HQ,

Best of luck to all the soccer people! I'm glad Zane had fun at his sports event but also glad they did not spare them of having victors in the events. It can be rough but it's important for us to learn that there is a first place. "In this world, if you're not willing to be the best, there's always going to be someone else who will step up and take your place."
Like I said, a rough lesson but important, as the drive to succeed is removed if our smallest effort is rewarded equally to another's largest effort. We will always get what we give, so it's important that we have the incentive to give our all for anything we want to do!

I totally agree, Zane had sports day this past Friday and they give out 1, 2, 3 place ribbons and then honorable mentions.  It was very upsetting to Zane to get third place in an event.  He really wanted first.  It was a good opportunity to focus on we are not always the best at things and if we want to win we have to work hard.

Elder North and Sister Skinner
Thank you mother, for the package! My breakfast is now garnished with a pepperoni to go with the egg and toast.   When I opened it I thought, "Ah yes, delicious pepperoni. I think it's strange it does not need to be refrigerated until opened though."  Then I ate one.

After the last package he teased that packages should consist of not candy but of meat and cheese.  Well I was at the store and there on the shelf were pepperoni and I was reminded that they don't have to be refrigerated before they are opened so I sent him some.

Sounds like it was a good sacrament meeting on prayer.  One of the major things my mission has shown and taught me is the parallel between our earthly families and our heavenly relations. It is so easy to relate gospel principles to family analogies because it isn't a metaphor, it's literal. The Gospel is a set of household rules put forth by a loving parent so the children can learn and grow as safely as they are willing to allow themselves. It can apply to almost anything, from the commandments to ordinances.

I would be very interested to know if Mikel happens upon one of the rare times where the movie is superior, like with The Princess Bride of The Lord of The Rings. Though that would continue to feed his unhealthy distaste for reading.

Mikel announced a couple of days ago that he was going to read a book.  We were shocked and amazed.  He said Hailey had read it and wants to see the movie that is coming out soon.  So he decided to read the book if only to prove to her that the movies are always better.  If you know Mikel he does not like reading AT ALL.
Beale Street

On pdays we COULD branch out...but it would take a minimum of twenty miles to get to the nearest other place, and that does not mean that said nearest place has anything we want to visit.

Our suit coats are not required attire for proselyting, only for meetings (Any church function). We are never exempt from wearing them at meetings though.

Our bike week will be this week, and everything with my bike is still in tip top shape.

The Locketts fancied a visit to Beale Street on the way home from the meeting. We met a man who worked at a temple in Utah there! Elder Jelte and Elder Sleet did some dancing in the middle of the street and got a lot of attention. Later when we approached a band playing they danced and were called up to dance in front of everybody. Took a tad of coaxing but they got up there! It was plenty of fun.

I saw Sister Skinner from my MTC group at the meeting we had with Elder...Kipishke? His name is difficult to spell. German man, very funny. Admitted that he did nothing to prepare till breakfast that morning. Remember kids, it's NEVER too late for revelation!

The potluck is every third Sunday for everybody and is at the Church. We help set up and take down.

Looking forward to bike week! Perfect timing really, as I've been anxious to do more finding.

-Elder North

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