Monday, May 26, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North - May 26, 2014

Date:  May 26, 2014
Area:  Kennett, MO
Companion:  Elder  Jelte

Dear Smurfs,

Good luck with the events back home and congratulations to Zach, already ready to head back out!

Our Bike Week was fine and dandy! I shall account a couple things that happened.
A woman drove up to us, shouting that she used to visit with missionaries and would like us to come over. She shouted the whole time. She seemed happy, not upset, just that her default communication was high volume.
Another man drove up to us and was on a 'mission to Mormons'. It was a fine conversation. He explained that he had looked into the church before (Though I get the feeling he was dealing with some kind of split off group due to what he says he was told, but it is possible he misunderstood). We had a fine conversation and parted ways. Although technically it was a confrontation, it was not hostile or heated.
It is sad he was not able to reach the same conclusion as us when he had tried before, but he gave the appearance that he had actually tried before and his intentions were good! All he wanted was to make sure we were right with God and had come to our religious conclusions ourselves and when we told him we had, he accepted our answer. He may not end up baptized soon, he may never, but he tried.
He says he read and he says he prayed. Sometimes we don't understand when God speaks to us, sometimes we make a mistake in our searching. straight up isn't time! How or why? Who knows? It is not our place to judge but to invite, we cannot determine his past experiences but we can offer new ones that lead to the light we have and want to share.  After we spoke with him I thought about how we rarely find people like that who have actually tried things out and didn't join, then I realized why.
People who have earnestly prayed to know the Book of Mormon is true, read it and studied have a name. 'Recent Converts'.
We had a barbecue with a family outside. Most of them were drunk it seemed. That was interesting. Smart children though, good to talk to.

Blytheville Ward. The potluck is every third Sunday and the turnout is, eh, twenty to thirty I think?

We get the vehicle back, woohoo! The heat is setting in. Funny how all the locals complain about it, almost as if they didn't see it coming, and don't realized it is going to get much. Much worse.

-Elder North
You can write Elder North at:
Elder Bryen Nielsen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
608 Oak Street
Kennett, MO 63857

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