Thursday, May 1, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North - April 28, 2014

Dear Gremlins,

Hoo boy, here we go...I have no idea what our plans are in terms of Mother's Day. We may have something more figured out when it gets close.
When it gets close????  Ummm it is only two weeks away!  UGH

The chips are not purchased by me. Blytheville, since they are next to the members (Mostly Brother McKinley, one of the counselors in the bishopric) get a good deal of loot generously donated to them. Large bags of chicken, cereal, all sorts of stuff. Kennett's coffers remain empty save we get a trickle of the nectar bestowed the Blytheville Elders.

Vraska is a wild cat that lives in out backyard. My companion is partial to feeding it.

We do not burn copies of The Book of Mormon, despite their proximity to the fireplace. As for the Army Men, those were in fact in the Marion Apartment. They are the men you sent me for my 100 day mark.
He sent a video home of his house.  I was teasing him about the Book of Mormon's being kept on top of the fireplace.  Apparently he felt the need to make sure I knew they were not using them for fuel for the fire.

For service we laid concrete for the Food Pantry. I suppose I learned a tad more about laying concrete. I hope the pictures of that were sent.


Sadly the family we met hasn't answered the door and the young lady's grandmother does not want us over. We're trying to see other ways we can meet with her. Elder Wright is from Idaho.

I suppose I get along best with Elder Sleet, though this is liable to illusion on my part. He is a very entertaining guy, especially when playing basketball. Very expressive.

We had Stake Conference this Sunday! President Petersen gave his final talk before he leaves. He is an impressive man and I'm reminded of a quote I heard from a Return Missionary, "Every Missionary is convinced their Mission President is going to be an Apostle."
I wonder how that will hold up come the next Mission President.

My clothes have all help up nicely. I'm overly cautious when doing laundry, nothing has gone wrong just yet.

I think laying the concrete was funny. We were filling in two tunnels and Elder Sleet and Elder Matangi infiltrated said tunnels. They didn't go anywhere, but still.

Please do not jinx my lucky streak! I'm two transfers in now without speaking! Flying under the radar is what prevents missile crises.

The Locketts live in a trailer park next to Wal-Mart, and we found out yesterday they live right next to Elder Matangi's uncle, who is a traveling workman of some kind.

I think I will try and take more videos. They are a great means of conveying information.

We have been working a great deal with Cody this past week and he has introduced us to a good number of people.
In all honestly, that's it. There was some rain, but we were not aware of the weather warnings. In the morning we discovered a tornado had occurred after the fact.
He was under a tornado warning until 2am and near Little Rock there was a devestating tornado that touched down causing at least 14 death.  All missionaries were accounted for.

-Elder North
Drop Elder North a line when you get a chance.  He isn't great about writing back but I know he appreciates hearing from people.  He even keeps all his cards in his living room on a half wall type thing!

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
608 Oak Street
Kennett, MO 63857

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