Monday, July 28, 2014

Letter from Elder Bryen North - July 28, 2014

Date:  July 28, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Beckenridge

Dear Manchesters,

This transfer flew by like a jet engine riding a lightning bolt! Elder Breckenridge got the call and is headed out and I will be saddled with a new companion as I take on taking over the area. Good Gravy. Setting my abject horror aside, I shall take on the challenge with all the gumption of a squeaky sea-lion.

We have two primary, prospective baptisms again, Kenneth and another woman named Alysha. Alysha has a sister, Hannah, who joined the Church about three years ago and now she's considering baptism.

Mother asked for some details on some previously mentioned events. Driving down a road Elder Breckenridge and I spotted a Turtle. It likely was going to try and cross so we snatched it up and drove it to a safe place and dropped it off.
The church building here is on top of a fairly steep hill. It is painful to reach via bike.
Lastly, we had a grill and Elder Breckenridge sold it, we moved it from the apartment balcony onto the back of a pick up.

I am stunned that I've been out for a year now and I know this time is going to vanish lickity split. I've got to do all I can to make good use of it. Thank you all for your support!
-Elder North

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