Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Letter Home from Elder North - July 7, 2014

Date:  July 7, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Elder Breckenridge

Dear Cone Heads,

This week was rather slow. Bike weeks here are rather arduous. Many hills made for painful bike rides or dull walks. Less enjoyable since our two most prospective people faded back for now. We hope to get that reignited.
Since we didn't have a car we missed a Missionary Devotional that happened on Sunday, Elder Breckenridge was rather put off by that.

The package arrived and was filled with delicious snacks. They were greatly appreciated by both of us.

Bryen hit his halfway mark on July 2nd!

For Fourth of July we went and hung out with the Griffin family. A number of them are non members. We had burgers and home made ice cream, it was very sweet ice cream.

We had a great deal of visitors to church, people from out of town attending. With so many people one of the bishopric asked us to open the back curtain after testimony meeting started. Elder Breckenridge tried to time it right but we ended up loudly dragging it open in the middle of Sister Robert's testimony. She laughed it off and it was funny.

Thank you all for your support and I hope you all continue to have great joy in all your endeavors.

-Elder North

Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
801 Frontage Road, Apartment 915
Oxford, Mississippi 38655

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