Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Letter Home from Elder Bryen North - June 30, 2014

Date:  June 30, 2014
Area: Oxford, Mississippi
Companion:  Breckenridge
Dear Time Travelers,

I'll try and check our office to see if they have a package for me. As far as I know it has not arrived.
As for prettiest area I think I'd have to go with Oxford. I'm not sure, best to ask someone else. I don't examine the foliage very closely.
He did send a quick message later saying the package had arrived.
What makes a good companion you ask? That's a very subjective question. Your personal taste and habits are bound to mesh well with others or clash. I have had the fortune to have all of my companions be plenty agreeable and reasonable people.

Our previous P-Day was very uneventful, just like this one is shaping up to be! I am perfectly alright with that though.
The apartment does have a washer and dryer, I have saved myself the trouble of answering many questions on it's many details and instead opted to doing another video tour. You will see it all soon enough! As for bike weeks, the rotations can very from area to area. They are currently attempting a new rotation here in Oxford. It looks like a difficult one though. Hopefully things work out better than they seem right now because having Oxford in your car share is not a fun for anybody. We are very far from everybody else.

Due to ride issues we may be not able to attend our first meeting with the new Mission President unfortunately. We'll see as we get closer to it. My new companion Elder Breckenridge is solid. We get along great!

We will be going on our bike week this week (Big part of why our rides are an issue) so it'll be a tad tougher than previous areas. Very hilly here. My shoes are holding up just fine still though! No worries. Looks like everybody is having a blast on vacation, I see my Xbox has continued to make the trip. Keep up on the list Deven!

-Elder North
He seems to be doing well.  You can write him at...
Elder Bryen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
801 Frontage Rd.  #915
Oxford, Mississippi 38655

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