Monday, July 21, 2014

Letter Home from July 21, 2014

What can I say I taking what pictures I can get.  :)
Date:  July 21, 2014
Area:  Oxford, Mississippis
Companion:  Elder Brecknridge

Dear Titans,

I missed these questions that were asked before and shall answer them now!

Elder Breckenridge is from Idaho, he's been out a while, he goes home in December. We do have senior couples in the mission, but not in this area. The media card is handled and I got some mail from Grandma Mary! She told me about relatives somewhere nearby, but I don't know where or anything like that. Our Ward I think is just called the Oxford Ward.

Mosquitoes haven't been a real problem lately. I suppose it's the location. I still have much of my anti-mosquito equipment though.

Our new Mission President is President Wakolo. We've had a couple meetings with him so far and he's great! He seems to put more emphasis on the individual missionary. That by instead of trying to jump over us to get to our investigators, he wants to focus on us, improve us, and then let us handle our investigators. Hopefully this mentality enters into the minds of the rest of mission leadership as it's a thought process I can always get behind.

Next week is already transfers and we suppose Elder Breckenridge will be moved out. Let you know next week!

-Elder North

Please do not use nick names on letters or packages. They have to go to the mission home and then be forwarded on. If you have a nick name on the letter it may never make it to him. THANKS

Elder Bryen Nielsen North
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
801 Frontage Road, Apartment 915
Oxford, Mississippi 38655
My new place to live

Outside and Inside the chapel in Oxford

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